Fiscal code

The Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale) is a code made up of letters and numbers on the basis of your first name, family name, date and place of birth and it is used by the Public Administration to identify the citizens living in Italy. All those living in Italy need to have their own.

It is possible to obtain it at the Italian Embassy/Consulate of your country.

Otherwise it is possible to receive it at the local Revenue Agency (Uffici Locali dell’Agenzia delle Entrate), bringing along the form filled in, the passport / Identity Card and a photocopy of it.

Here you can find the form application/pdf (63.49 kB)

Here the sample (how to fill in it) application/pdf (489.63 kB)

Pay attention:

Non-European students with a second European citizenship: for the Italian law, the European citizenship prevails on the non-European one. Therefore, the Fiscal Code will be done according to the name/s in the European passport.

The Fiscal Code is necessary to enroll into Politecnico, to apply for the residence permit, to open a bank account, to enter into a tenancy agreement, to receive the payment of a scholarship, to earn a salary and carry out other procedures/activities.

The Revenue Agencies in Torino are in: Corso Bolzano 30; Via Paolo Veronese 199/A; Via Sidoli 35; Via Padova 78 (opening hours are written in their website)

If the Codice Fiscale is lost or stolen, a duplicate can be requested at the local Revenue Agency.

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