You are beneficiary of an Erasmus+ Non-EU Partner Countries scholarship paid by PoliTO

What is meant by physical, virtual and blended mobility?

Physical mobility is a mobility period where you stay in the country of the hosting institution. During physical mobility, activities may be performed in presence or remotely, as long as you are in the hosting institution’s country.

Virtual mobility concerns activities performed entirely from the sending institution’s country and does not involve travelling to the hosting institution’s country.

Blended mobility is a sequence of physical and virtual mobility periods.

What is the amount of your Erasmus+ scholarship?

The Erasmus+ scholarship is composed of: a contribution for individual support of 850 euro per month calculated on the duration of the physical mobility; a contribution for travel depending on the distance between the sending and receiving institutions. The scholarship may be awarded only for mobility periods of minimum 3 months and maximum 12 months. The Erasmus+ scholarship is awarded only for physical mobility periods.

You are in Italy, you are already enrolled and you are performing your mobility activities remotely. Is your Erasmus+ scholarship confirmed?

Your scholarship is confirmed as long as you are performing a physical mobility in Italy, both if your activities are in presence at Politecnico or remotely. At the end of your mobility you will need to check out from Politecnico in order to receive your certificate of attendance.In order to prove that you are in Italy, you may be asked to provide the boarding cards of your flight to Italy, so we recommend you to keep the boarding cards in case of need.

Will you receive the Erasmus+ scholarship if you perform a virtual mobility?

The Erasmus+ scholarship cannot be awarded for virtual mobility periods.

Will you receive the Erasmus+ scholarship if you perform a blended mobility?

You will receive a scholarship only for the physical mobility part of the blended mobility. The requirement on the minimum duration of the mobility applies to the physical mobility part, therefore the scholarship will be paid only if the physical mobility period is at least 3 months.

You didn't leave your home country due to the Covid-19 emergency and intend to perform the entire mobility by distance learning activities: can you receive the scholarship?

The Erasmus+ scholarship cannot be awarded for virtual mobility periods.

You are a PhD student or your mobility is for thesis purpose only; can you maintain the scholarship if you postpone your mobility for a few months?

The scholarship can be maintained. Please check with the office the latest possible date for completing the mobility in your specific case.

While you are in Italy for your mobility you are asked to respect a period of quarantine. What happens to your scholarship?

The quarantine period counts towards the calculation of the total duration of your physical mobility and of the related individual support.

What happens to your scholarship if you have already been awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship and your mobility must be unexpectedly modified because of Covid-19?

The scholarship will be recalculated on the actual duration of the physical mobility period.