PhD level

How to apply to the competition for admission to the CSF project 2012

To apply for the pre-admission of “Ciencia sem Fronteiras” project you must:

  1. check if you have the requirements;
    You can participate to the call for pre-admission to PhD level if you have obtained the

    Master of Science degree

    and a

    Certificate attesting the knowledge of the English language
    (i.e. IELTS with 5.0 score; TOEFL internet based test with 77 score; Cambridge PET pass with merit)

  2. see the research projects available at Politecnico. You must choose among the research projects published here. Each project has a specific code that you have to indicate in your application;
  3. complete the application form following the procedure apply@polito that you find at the bottom of this page.

The deadline to apply is August, 17th!

The application procedure apply@polito consists of two parts.
The first part is a registration: you will be asked for your personal data then you will receive username and password that you should use to access to the second part.

If you have been enrolled (or if you are at present enrolled) to a course of the Politecnico di Torino you can access inserting your matriculation number with the password from the portale della didattica.
In the second part, on the right side, you can find the menu to complete the registration.

It is necessary to complete each tab of the menu to be admitted to the competition!

You must enclose the following documents to complete the application:

  1. Front-back copy of a valid ID bearing the applicant’s photo and signature;
  2. Bachelor’s degree, with final score;
  3. Master’s degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts), with final score;
  4. Certificate of proficiency in English: IELTS score 5.0, TOEFL internet based test with a score of 77; Cambridge PET “pass with merit”; other attestations equivalent to or higher. If you obtain a Bachelor or Master of Science degree in a University providing training courses in English language, a document from your University certifying that “The medium of instruction is English”, is considered an equivalence standard;
  5. Certified transcripts of all exams taken and marks obtained during both the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree;
  6. Abstract of Master’s degree thesis: the abstract must have a maximum length of two pages (4.000 characters). It must be written in English;
  7. Short report on your scientific interests and your motivations for applying: the report must have a maximum length of two pages (4.000 characters). It must be written in English;
  8. Short research project proposal using this form application/msword (33.50 kB). PLEASE NOTE: in this document you must insert the code of the research project (you can find the list here LINK) you want to apply to and the name of the scientific responsible. It must be written in English. The thematic selected for the research project proposal will not be binding on the final dissertation;
  9. Two professors names and e-mails references of Italian or foreign universities that can be contacted by the board to obtain useful information about you and your research activity;
  10. Certificate with GRE results (General Test or Subject Test related to the Doctorate), GMAT or equivalents, if available;
  11. Any other document that you consider a possible support to your candidacy (awards, professional activities, publications, etc.).

If you obtain the Master’s Degree after the deadline of submission of the application form, but within (and not after) December 31, 2012, you can participate to the pre-admission procedures.

If your documents are written in a language different from Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or German you must submit them in a translated version into one of the aforesaid languages and certified for conformity to the original by the issuing universities or by the Italian Representative Bodies according to the legislation in force.

If you get through the pre-selection you will obtain a declaration of pre-admission to the PhD Program at the Politecnico di Torino and the CV in English of the scientific responsible of the research project you have chosen, that you can forward to the CSF selection. If you obtain the CSF scholarship, in January 2013 you can enrol to the chosen Phd program.

Apply@PoliTo registration page