Italia Startup Visa program

Since 2012, Italy has implemented a groundbreaking Startup law to encourage the creation and development of innovative startups. The aim is  to foster technological development and employment, especially for young people, also by attracting  innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Within this initiative theItalia Startup Visa programis designed to help achieve these objectives by offering asimplified and fast visa procedure(visa obtained within 30 days)  for innovative entrepreneurs who wants to set-up  an innovative startupin Italy. This opportunity is availablealso for extra-ue citizens who are already living in Italywith a regular residence permit (for ex. for studying) and who would like to remain in Italy to set-up an innovative start-up. They will therefore be able to convert their residence permit in a new one for self employment  without having to leave Italy.


The application for the start-up visa can be done directly or through a certified Italian incubator. In this last case the procedure can be further sped-up if there is a declaration from an incubator with the “availability to host“ in its premises the innovative startup. If you are interested in this last opportunity, the Politecnico Incubator ( is available to assist you with the application and the drawing up of your business plan.


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