Candidates with foreign degree

In order to enroll, you need to carefully read the GUIDELINES application/pdf (153.33 kB), follow the procedure and submit the following ORIGINAL documents:

  1. Passport or ID for EU citizens only
  2. For non-EU nationals: student visa - type D or Residence Permit for candidates who already reside in Italy
  3. Fiscal Code
  4. Bachelor Degree with official translation into Italian(1) 
  5. Transcript of Records(1)  with official translation into Italian (translation is not necessary in case original certificates are in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish)
  6. Statement of Validity(1)  (Dichiarazione di Valore), related to the Bachelor Degree, issued by the Italian Embassy in the country that issued your degree or Statement of Comparability issued by CIMEA centre
  7. Language certificate required for admission to the chosen course (please verify the accepted LANGUAGE Certificates)
  8. Scan copy of all documents in PDF format on USB device (device to be immediately returned to the owner)

(1) If you hold a Diploma Supplement, you are not required to submit:

  • the Statement of Validity
  • the Transcript of Records
  • the Bachelor degree translation

NB: you will have to submit your original Bachelor Degree certificate anyway.


If upon enrolment you don’t hold documents n. 4, 5 and 6 you may enroll under the condition of submitting those missing documents no later than March 2nd 2020.

If you are a Non-EU citizen living outside Italy, you must submit your Residence Permit no later than June 26th, 2020.



SECOND TERM (European and Non-EU living in Italy): MARCH 31st, 2020