If your Home University already nominated you through the Nomination@polito tool for spending a mobility period at Politecnico di Torino, the Incoming Mobility office will send you the instructions to register on Apply@polito (#Step 1). You will be reached through the email address used by your University during the Nomination (if you were nominated and you can’t find the e-mail, check the spam folder as well)

The Apply@polito tool is available twice a year, depending on the starting semester of your mobility:

- Beginning of the mobility in the first semester (from September/October): the Apply@polito tool opens in May/June

- Beginning of the mobility in the second semester (from February/March): the Apply@polito tool opens in November

Do not fill out the application form if you were not nominated!

Following the instructions received, you will have to send the registration form and, once obtained the username and the password by email, fill out the application form and attach the requested documents. Pay attention: before filling out the application form carefully read the information that you will receive.


Once sent the application form you will receive an email confirming that it has been correctly submitted (if you don’t’ receive the message, contact the Incoming Mobility office), and then the application form will have to be evaluated by the International Mobility Board.

During the evaluation period you might be contacted for supplementing/modifying the attached documents. Every message will be conveyed through the ‘Evaluations’ section of your Apply@polito page, that you should regularly check. You will receive an e-mail in case of any updates related to the evaluation of your application.


Once completed the evaluation process, you can proceed with Step #2 following the instructions received by the Incoming Mobility Office. Step #2 will allow you to create a new profile on Politecnico di Torino website that you will use during your mobility.

When you will have completed it:

  1. If you are a Double Degree student: you will be able to download your acceptance letter, then you can create your PoliTO Learning Agreement (Step #3) and wait for it to be approved by your Academic Advisor.
  2. If you are an exchange student for a mobility for Courses or Courses and Final Project: you will have to create your PoliTO Learning Agreement (Step #3) and wait for it to be approved by your Academic Advisor. Politecnico di Torino Governing Board established that you have to define your Learning Agreement including at least 18 credits/ECTS per semester from a PoliTo Degree Programme included in the mobility agreement. Only after the approval of your Learning Agreement you will be able to download your acceptance letter.
  3. If you are an exchange student for a mobility for final project or Phd Research: you will NOT have to do the Step #3 and you will be able to directly download your acceptance letter.

If you are a non-European citizen not living in a Schengen country and you need to apply for a study visa to enter Italy, you have to register through Universitaly website.

In order to know if are required to apply for the Visa you can visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The Incoming Mobility Office will inform you in due time about the procedure and documents to be uploaded.


This is the last step of the process: it will be completed before the beginning of your mobility according to the instructions and the timing that the Incoming Mobility Office will provide you. Once completed the Step #4 you will be officially enrolled at Politecnico di Torino!

  • Have you already been nominated by your Home University? If yes, click here to start with Step #1!