Documents necessary to enclose in the kit for the application of the residence permit renewal

1) 2 double-sided copies of the expiring/expired residence permit;

2) 2 copies of the page of your passport containing your personal data, 1 copy of the page of your visa for Italy and the copies of the passport pages containing stamps/other visas;

3) an "autocertificazione” (self declaration) attesting the enrolment in Politecnico di Torino, stating that you have passed at least one exam for the first residence permit renewal (and at least 2 exams for the following renewals). You can print it from your personal page on “Portale della Didattica”

4) a € 16 duty stamp – you have to buy it at the Tobacconist’s (Tabacchi shop);

5) the photocopy of a document proving that you dispose of sufficient income to cover your living expenses during your stay in Italy. If you have a scholarship, you have to submit a copy of the letter of the Department of International Affairs indicating the details of your grant.

Otherwise you can submit a self-declaration (the fac-simile is available here);

6) the photocopy of the Health insurance receipt (it must cover you for the whole period of the residence permit renewal).

N.B. (the photocopy must be in A4 format)