Bachelor of Science

A call for scholarships has been launched in the frame of the project TOPoliTO: attracting Top Students at the Politecnico di Torino

CALL application/pdf (367.04 kB) (approved by General Director Decree n. 856/2022 – 08/06/2022)

DEADLINE TO APPLY:  August 24th, 2022


You can apply only if you

  • are an international !QUOTA ! student (non EU- student students living abroad who need a study VISA
  • have a Secondary High School Diploma obtained outside Italy (or you are attending the last year)
  • have registered and passed Politecnico admission test (TIL I-D-P-A) with a score of AT LEAST !70! 
  • have  paid the first tuition fees instalment at the time of application  
  • enroll for the first time in a Bachelor of Science program at the Politecnico di Torino in 2022/2023 a.y.
  • are born on or after January 1st, 2001


You  can't apply for scholarships if you:

  • have been legally resident or temporary domiciled in Italy
  • have already been enrolled, in an Italian or  foreign* University
  • have already a scholarships
  • are an Exchange incoming student

*for more than 2 years

SEE art. 2) and 4) of the call for more  details about requirements and incompatibilities !!

AMOUNT OF THE SCHOLARSHIPS: 8.000 € per year (gross amount) for 3 years (duration of the Bachelor of Science program)






Design and Visual Communication*


Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning*




**Bachelor of Science programs offered in Italian language only

HOW TO APPLY: in your application form Apply@polito – “Research and Academic scholarships” section

RANKING LIST (see art.6 of the call for details)

       09/09/2022provisional list of standings

       16/09/2022final list of standings

       30/09/2022: updated final list of standings upon reassignment (in case of withdrawal of scholarship recipients)