TOPoliTO 2020/21 -call for scholarships for international students - Master of Science programs 2020/21 a.y. SECOND TERM (deadline 31/03/2021 ) Only for EU applicants with a foreign qualification living outside Italy

 call for scholarships is launched in the frame of the project TOPoliTO: attracting Top Students at the Politecnico di Torino

CALL -TOPOLITO SCHOLARSHIPS MASTER OF SCIENCE 2020/21 2nd TERM application/pdf (361.70 kB) (167.13 kB)  (Approved by the General Director (Decree n.1939 – 23/12/2020)


WHO CAN APPLY: this call is open only to EU applicants living outside Italy  who:

  • have a Bachelor Degree or an equivalent academic qualification in a foreign education system, outside Italy  (or at least 3 years at University level and 180 ECTS credits or equivalent if enrolled in a foreign university in 5 or 6-year - i.e. single cycle degree combined Bachelor and Master program and not graduated yet)
  • have been admitted to a Master Degree program in the A.Y. 2020/21-2nd TERM
  • will enroll for the first time in a.y. 2020-21 2nd TERM at  Politecnico di Torino
  • Hold a  GRE®General Test (see art. 3 of the call  for further details ) obtained not earlier than 5 years before scholarship application deadline with the following minimum scores:

          - Verbal Reasoning: 156/170

          - Quantitative Reasoning: 157/170

          - Analytical Writing: 3,5/6

        For further information:

        FURTHER REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY and INCOMPATIBILITY : see art.2 and 4 of the call for more details


  •           2   scholarships for Engineering field programs
  •           1   scholarship for Systemic Design  program
  •           1   scholarship for Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning program

AMOUNT : 8.000 € per year (gross amount ) for 2 years (March 2021/February 2022 and, if maintained, March 2022/February 2023).

HOW TO APPLY: through  your on-line application –“Research and Academic scholarships” section (see art. 3 of the call for details)