In the frame of information activities of Coordinamento Nazionale sulla Valutazione delle Qualifiche dei Rifugiati (CNVQR), National coordination for refugees’ qualifications, promoted by CIMEA, 100 scholarships have been reserved for refugee students to enroll in Bachelor, Master of Science and PhD in Italian universities for the 2016/17 Academic Year (the news on the ministry website is available at this link).  This opportunity, promoted by Ministero dell’Interno, the CRUI, and the involvement of ANDISU, aims to help refugee students in pursuing an finalizing the studies that they had to interrupt in their home countries.

The scholarships, which will be issued in the form of services, will exempt  the owners, after being enrolled in a Bachelor, a Master of Science or PhD course, from paying tuition fees and will guarantee board and lodging, access to the University facilities (libraries, study rooms, …).

All the information, the notice for competition and the online application form are available at the following link: http://borsespi.laziodisu.it.

Deadline to fill in the online application: September 11th, 2016 at 24:00