COLFUTURO scholarship-loans

COLFUTURO is a joint public and private sector initiative aimed at facilitating the access of Colombian professionals to further education abroad. Created as a non-profit organization on November 21, 1991, its mission is to contribute to the entrance of Colombia into a world undergoing globalization offering information about international education and supporting students to have a successful study experience overseas.

COLFUTURO ’s Scholarship-Loan Program, reserved to Colombian students, finances the costs of graduate studies around the world up to a maximum of US$25.000 per year and for a maximum two year stay abroad.

In the framework of the agreement signed between the Politecnico di Torino and COLFUTURO, Colombian students have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship-loan to attend Master of Science , Second level Specializing Master, and PhD programs in Engineering and Architecture at the Politecnico.

For further information on the program and for applications, please refer to the COLFUTURO website.