EDISU Piemonte scholarships and accommodation services reserved to prospective students

EDISU Piemonte, the Regional Agency for the Right to University Education of Piemonte, aims at promoting the admission and the attendance of academic studies to deserving students who find themselves in financial need, in the framework of the competences relating to the right to academic studies attributed by the Italian law to State, Regions and Universities.

EDISU provides support to the study attendance and life of students through the following benefits, granted by public competition:

  • accommodation service: it offers an accommodation, assigned by competition, in one of EDISU halls of residences located in Turin and in other towns of Piemonte where there are university branches. The offered accommodation is not chosen by the student enrolled in any University of Piemonte, but assigned on the basis of a ranking list resulting from the public competition;
  • scholarship: it is an amount of money, paid out in two instalments, and awarded on competition to students enrolled in any University of Piemonte;

The accommodation service application is always associated with EDISU scholarship application. Students are not allowed to apply only for accommodation service without scholarship, therefore if a student has been awarded scholarships granted by any other donor which is not EDISU, he/she cannot apply for accommodation service only. Otherwise, a student can apply for scholarship without accommodation service.

Students should submit their applications by the deadlines indicated by EDISU even though, at the moment of application, they have not enrolled in any University of Piemonte yet. 

Deadline for first year students coming with study visa for enrollment in a.y. 2019/2020:

-        scholarship and accommodation service (Reservation): by 5th September 2019 at noon (12:00)

-        scholarship (Reservation): by 26th September 2019 at noon (12:00)

Accommodation service and scholarships are awarded to applicant students on the basis of two separate definitive ranking lists resulting from a public competition (one ranking list refers to accommodation service, the other refers to scholarship).

15% of available accommodation for first year students is reserved to Extra-UE students enrolled in a first year.

The awarded students who applied for accommodation service will have to accept it following the deadlines and the modes indicated in the Notice of Competition. 

The application is valid only if all the documents required are submitted to EDISU offices by the deadline day, (accommodation service and scholarship or scholarship only): www.edisu.piemonte.it/sites/default/files/risorse/documentation-EN/guides_and_brochures/scholarship_and_accomodation_service/2019_2020/Step_by_step_extraUe2019_2020_.pdf 

Further information are available in the EDISU website https://www.edisu.piemonte.it/en