Politecnico di Torino has signed some agreements with housing companies to help international students in finding an accommodation.

In the framework of the above-mentioned agreements, exchange students can benefit from a priority booking on the accommodation offered by the housing companies.
The other students, out of the exchange programs, can consult the offers in the housing companies website.

Here below the housing websites:



Fondazione Ceur 



N.B. Politecnico di Torino is not responsible for any possible problems that may arise between owners of apartments and students.

Students of Politecnico can also books a place in single or twin room at Borsellino residence (one of the EDISU residences). The request has to be done through the online procedure

Fee are available here:

Furthermore, prospective students can participate in the following calls:

  • EDISU Piemonte, the Regional Agency for the Right to University Education of Piemonte. EDISU provides support to the study attendance and life of students through the following benefits, granted by public competition: accommodation service and scholarship. Besides the places provided by EDISU through the call, at the Department of International Affairs, the Foreign Citizens Office provides information on the possibility to rent a private flat or rooms in some hosting facilities affiliated with Politecnico.
  • Collegio Einaudi. Collegio Universitario di Torino “Renato Einaudi” (henceforth 'Collegio Einaudi'), as a merit-based University College legally recognised by Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR), and non-profit and noncommercial organisation, announces every academic year a competition for accommodation benefits for international and exchange students.

For short-term stays (hostels, halls of residence, bed & breakfasts), where students can be accommodated for the first few weeks of their stay in Torino, it is possible to visit the Convention & Visitors Bureau website of the City of Torino at 

Other hall of residences list available in Torino are available here.

The advice for the international students who are going to spend a long time in Torino is to look for a place in a private apartment to rent and share with other tenants. In Italy,the typical rent agreement, in terms of expenditure, involves:

- a deposit, usually the equivalent of two/three months’ rent  (the deposit is refundable at the end of the rental contract and it is subject to deductions for any damage or outstanding debts);

- advance payment amounting to a one-month rent.

The rent amount can vary depending on the area, the conditions of the flat and so on, but you can expect to pay, on average, about € 250/350 per month per person for a single room and about € 200/280 per month per person for a twin room. Sometimes all the expenses (heating, electricity, water, gas and cleaning) are included in the rent. In other cases the rent can be lower, but then you have to add to it the cost of all the utilities.