Tuition fees

The amount of tuition fees varies according to the citizenship/residence of the student (click to acknowledge your own situation).

For more info please refer to  THIS PAGE

Fees payment is as follows:

  • first instalment to be paid at enrolment
  • second instalment to be paid in March

WARNING: in case for any reason (denied visa, enrollment in another university, personal reasons, etc.) you decide/you are forced to withdraw from Politecnico di Torino after you have paid the 1ST INSTALMENT OF THE TUITION FEES, please note that this instalment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED

International students entitled to apply for fee reduction will need to get the following official documents before reaching the Politecnico di Torino to apply for ISEE parificato at CAF in Italy

  • family composition
  • family income (economic condition) of the whole family unit
  • family properties

These documents must be translated into Italian and certified by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.