Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree Students

The Poltecnico di Torino (with DR n. 265/2022 dated 23/03/2022) has adopted the following extraordinary measures to facilitate the continuation of studies at the Politecnico di Torino and access to university courses for students of Ukrainian nationality and with a residence permit for temporary protection in Italy, for the academic year 2022/23:

  • Exemption from the contribution due:
    • to register for the TIL test for one session only;
    • for the application for admission to the Master's Degree Programs
  • Deadline extension to 30/09/2022 for applying for admission to Master's Degree programs;
  • Possession of the certification of knowledge of the Italian and/or English language converted from an admission requirement to a graduation requirement (certification to be submitted by the deadline for registering for the final exam) for a Bachelor's or Master's degree program;
  • Free English language exam at the University Language Center for students enrolled in a Master's Degree course, unless they already have a valid language certificate.

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