PIU-AEI - Piemonte Università Accoglienti Eque Inclusive

The Strategic Plan "PoliTo4Impact" aims to create the conditions of inclusion, equity and hospitality in order to allow:

  • foreign students, who are already part of the University community but are at risk of withdrawing because of objective difficulties (loss of residence permit, visa, status, residence, poverty), to be supported to start/ resume their studies and life in our city
  • the most promising human resources residing in developing Countries and/ or with refugee status, asylum seekers and migrants to access and study/ work in PoliTo (metropolitan headquarters or future hubs in other Countries) and to express their potential as part of an academic and territorial community that offers them organized and easily accessible services in terms of cost and clarity of procedures

To achieve this goal, the Politecnico has signed - together with more than 35 Italian universities including the Università di Torino, the Università del Piemonte Orientale and the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche - the Manifesto of the Inclusive University promoted by UNHCR to ensure better living conditions to refugees and asylum seekers who have been welcomed in Piedmont.

In 2022 the four Piedmont Universities have launched the PIU-AEI - Piemonte Università Accoglienti Eque Inclusive project in order to create an active network of institutional actors and the Civic Sector of Piedmont - City of Turin, City of Vercelli, City of Bra, Piedmont Region, EDISU, IRES Piedmont, Turin Prefecture, Turin Police Headquarters, Vercelli Prefecture, Vercelli Police Headquarters, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, Ufficio Pio Foundation, CRT Foundation, CRC Foundation, UPM-Migrant Pastoral Office.

The project aims to address policies, develop shared strategies and initiatives that can strengthen what already exists and give coordinated feedback to what is not yet answered. The project aims to create conditions that at least partially mitigate the drama of refugees, asylum-seekers and people from Countries and territories with fragile economic and political situations or that enjoy few protections in Italy in terms of support and assistance. Particular attention is paid to refugee women, asylum seekers or "refugee-like" subjects, because their rights are most in danger.

Detailed information is available at the following link.