Candidates with foreign degree

In order to enroll, please carefully read the

GUIDELINES FOR ENROLMENT AND ARRIVAL application/pdf (76.85 kB) I SEMESTER 2020/21 (available also in the MAIN section of your application)

GUIDELINES FOR ENROLLMENT AND ARRIVAL application/pdf (64.46 kB) II SEMESTER 2020/21-only EU applicants or NON-EU already living in Italy-(available also in the MAIN section of your application)

follow the procedure, schedule your appointment with the Incoming Mobility office from section APPOINTMENT of your online application and submit the following documents.

These documents have to be uploaded in your Apply page, section "Attachments". The Incoming Mobility Office may require to submit original documents if needed for assessment.

* compulsory document to be uploaded in order to reserve online appointment for enrollment
** these documents, if not available, can be submitted within June 30,2021

  1. Passport or ID for EU citizens only*
  2. For non-EU nationals: student visa - type D** or Residence Permit* for candidates who already reside in Italy
  3. Fiscal Code**
  4. Bachelor Degree(1)  with official translation into Italian* (translation is not necessary in case original certificates are in English, French, Spanish) OR – only if you were enrolled in a single cycle Laurea magistrale course (5 or 6 years degree program) and you have not graduated yet - Transcript of Records at least of the first three academic years(2)*
  5. Transcript of Records(1)  with official translation into Italian (translation is not necessary in case original certificates are in English, French, Spanish)**
  6. Declaration of Value(1)**  (Dichiarazione di Valore), related to the Bachelor Degree, issued by the Italian Embassy in the country that issued your degree or Statement of Comparability issued by CIMEA centre**
  7. Language certificate (please verify the accepted LANGUAGE Certificates)**


Due to concern for the COVID-19 Emergency some English/Italian examinations have been temporarily suspended in some countries. In case you are currently not able to sit for any examination you can upload this DECLARATION application/pdf (37.21 kB) (click to download) in your application form. In case you are eligible for the MSc programme selected you will have to provide the language certificate/es within June 30th, 2021.

Scan copy of all documents in PDF format on USB device (device to be immediately returned to the owner)

(1) If you hold a Diploma Supplement**, you are not required to submit:

  • the Statement of Validity
  • the Transcript of Records
  • the Bachelor degree translation

NB: you will have to submit your original Bachelor Degree certificate anyway.

(2) In case of high school diploma got after 11 years, Transcript of Records at least of the first four academic years


FIRST TERM: October 16th 2020*

SECOND TERM (European and Non-EU living in Italy): April 30th 2021

* Enrollment is still possible until November 16th, 2020 by paying the additional amount of 50 EURO