Applicants with a foreign qualification

For all details, regulations and deadlines, student must refer to the ENROLMENT REGULATIONS FOR BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES – A.Y. 2021/22 and the CALL FOR ADMISSIONS TO THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMMES A.Y. 2021/22

Please read carefully the following relevant documents concerning guidelines for enrolment: 

Guidelines for appointment application/pdf (133.49 kB) ONLY for applicants admitted with SAT/GRE/GMAT

Useful information for your arrival @PoliTO application/pdf (432.26 kB)



The following documents have to be uploaded(1) in your Apply page, section "Attachments" within  the deadlines indicated in the ENROLMENT REGULATIONS FOR BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES – A.Y. 2021/22

WARNING: Politecnico di Torino will accept study visas type D issued within 31/01/2022. The study visa must be uploaded by the student in his portal.


Passport (or I.D. for EU students)


Residence permit for NON-EU citizens resident in Italy


Study visa – type D for NON-EU citizens non-resident in Italy


Fiscal code certificate issued by Agenzia delle Entrate or by the Italian Embassies (only for non-resident in Italy)


For underage applicantsself-certificate  (284.82 kB)  (dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazioni - articles 5 and 46 of Presidential decree no. 445 of 28/12/2000) signed by a parent or a legal guardian and photocopy of the signer’s identification document


Secondary school diploma with official translation into Italian (Official diplomas issued from the school in English, French or Spanish do not need to be translated)

Supplementary certificates for U.S., U.K. and Scottish Diploma:

For applicants with Secondary school diploma awarded after a period of less than 12 years of school attendance

  • university transcript of records (with official translation into Italian) with the results of the exams passed in the first academic year or in the first 2 years;


  • post-secondary qualification (with official translation into Italian) awarded by a non-university institution in a field of study related to the Bachelor's degree program chosen by the applicant; or, successful completion of a Foundation Course in an Italian University.      


Certificate stating that the applicant passed the national admission test (only for countries where university admissions are regulated by a specific admission test)


Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore), related to the Secondary school diploma, issued by the Italian Embassy in the country that issued your degree or Statement of Comparability  issued by CIMEA centre


Language certificate (Italian or English) required for admission

The above-mentioned documents (official certificates and post-secondary diplomas) do not need to be translated into Italian is they are issued in English, French or Spanish.

PLEASE NOTE: holders of International Baccalaureate degree (IB) obtained at one of the schools listed in Annex 2 of the "Procedures for entry, residence and enrolment at higher education institutions for students requiring visas for higher education courses in Italy" https://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/moduli/2021/Allegato2_EN.pdf  are exempted from presenting the declaration of value or the Statement of Comparability.



The translation into Italian, whether it’s required, must be "official”: this means that it has to be certified by the Italian Embassy in your country or it must be “sworn” by an Italian Tribunal.

Legalization of the University degree: the legalization is not required if the Country where you got the diploma has signed the Hague Convention (1961). In this case the legalization can be replaced by the “Apostille” stamp. Neither the legalization nor the Hague Apostille are required in the following cases:

  • if you got your University degree in one of the Countries which signed the Bruxelles European Convention on 25 May 1987 (Belgium, Denmark, France and Ireland)
  • if your degree was issued by a German University (by virtue of the Italo-German Convention on the subject of exemption from the legalization of documents)


(1) Politecnico di Torino is entitled to request students to show their original documents to the office front desk at any time.