Prospective students

For what concerns the access to Italian Universities, students are defined as follows:

1. EU students:  Italian or European citizens

2. Equalized students:  

-       Citizens from Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino;

-       Non-European citizens in possession of the following documentation: " carta di soggiorno", residence permit ("permesso di soggiorno") for a subordinate job or self-employment, for familiar reasons, political asylum, humanitarian asylum, religion reasons;

-      people working at Foreign Embassies or at international organizations with branches in Italy (confirmed by Italian State or the Holy See) and respective dependent relatives, consorts and children only. Foreign citizens wherever resident in possession of the following documentation: secondary school certificate issued by Italians schools abroad or by international schools in Italy or abroad, subject to bilateral agreement or particular rules for the recognition of degrees and that satisfy the general requirements for the entry for studying (see art. 26 Law 189 of July 30th 2002).

3. Non EU students living outside Italy, who apply for pre-enrollment procedures at the Italian Embassy for the Politecnico di Torino, can be enrolled only if they have a STUDY VISA (type D).