WELCOME ORIENTATION WEBINARS for incoming mobility students - a.y. 2021/2022- Spring semester

November 25th 2021

Step #2 and #3 Mobility for courses courses and final project/ final project/ research for PhD

November 26th 2021

Step #2 and #3 Mobility for Double Degree

January 31st 2022

Erasmus+ Partner Countries scholarship

February 1st 2022

Unite! Virtual Exchange Credit Programme @PoliTO

February 2nd 2022

PoliTO Tools - How can I use them

February 9th 2022

Meet PoliTO Rector’s Advisor for student mobility and Erasmus+ - Welcome speech and academic tips

February 16th 2022

PoliTO Students' voice - Discover Turin and PoliTO through their eyes

February 23rd 2022

Erasmus Student Network (ESN): meet the staff and discover their activities