Welcome Orientation Webinars and Academic Calendar

The Welcome Orientation Webinars are virtual meetings organized by the Incoming Mobility Office to welcome students starting a mobility programme at Politecnico di Torino.

During the webinars you will receive a lot of practical information for your mobility.  

Welcome Orientation Webinars for incoming mobility students - a.y. 2020/2021- Fall semester

Welcome Orientation Webinars for incoming mobility students - a. y. 2020/2021 - Spring semester

Academic Calendar 2020/21

Fall semester: 28th September 2020 – 16th January 2021

Winter exam session: 18th January 2021 – 27th February 2021

Spring semester: 1st March 2021 – 12th June 2021

Summer exam session: 14th June 2021 – 24th July 2021 and 30th August 2021 – 18th September 2021


National Holidays

25th April

1st May

2nd June

24th June

15th August

1st November  

8th December

Christmas break

21st December 2020-6th January 2021

Easter break

1st April 2021 – 7th April 2021