Documents to attach to the application form

The attachments should be either in PDF format or in any unmodifiable image format (BMP, Jpeg, etc.). Word, Excel or any other modifiable formats are not accepted. Please make sure that every single attachment is clearly readable.


-       Copy of your passport (for Extra-EU citizens) or ID card (for EU citizens)

Only the page with your picture and personal data.

-       Home University Transcript of Records

Only documents in Italian, English, French and Spanish duly stamped and signed by your Home University are accepted.

-       Learning Agreement proposal

This document lists the courses you are intentioned to attend at Politecnico di Torino and/or the final project you would like to work on.

Please read the instructions included in the Guide for Exchange you can find here  before filling in your Learning Agreement proposal 

Please notice that the Learning Agreement that you will attach has to be approved by your Home University, which means that the document has to be duly stamped and signed. However, this document is only a proposal: you will confirm the courses at your arrival with the support of your Academic Advisor from Politecnico di Torino.

You can find a template of Learning Agreement here application/msword (41.50 kB).

-       Language Certificate/s

Only Double/Joint Degree students have to attach the certificate/s attesting the level of the English and/or the Italian language as indicated in the section Language requirements for Double Degree/Joint Degree students .

Exchange students within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme or a Bilateral Agreement (mobility for courses, courses and final project, final project) are not required to attach any language certificates. Indeed, their language/s competence has already been declared by their Home University during the nomination procedure: that declaration is enough to fulfill the language requirements .


-        Final Project proposal

Only students selected for a mobility for final project/research/internship can attach a brief description of the activity/subject they will work on.