Cost of living

Prices can vary considerably depending on where you live and you buy. All the tourist areas and the main cities, are more expensive than smaller towns.


Price (€)


1.30 € / Litre


2.50-4.00 € / Kilo


1.70 € -250 gr.


10.00-19.00 € / Kilo


9.00-12.00 € /Kilo


1.70-2.50 € / Kilo


1.00-1.50 €/Kilo


2.00-4.00 € /Kilo


1.00 €/Kilo

Mineral water

0.20-0.80 € /Litre


Price (€)

Students' canteens

2.50-7.00 €

Accommodation in a private flat (shared flat)

250.00/350.00 € per month/person

Accommodation in a private flat (not shared)

400.00/600.00 € per month

Text books

about 300.00 - 400.00 € per year

Public Trasportation ticket

1.50 € ( urban one-way ticket which lasts 90 minutes)

Transportation: if you are under 26 you can buy the "Abbonamento Mensile Studenti" which costs 21.00 Euros. This ticket lasts a month.

If you are  older than 26 years old you have different solutions.

For detailed information visit the GTT website

Night life: Cinema tickets range from 5.00 to 10.00 Euros. Theatre tickets depend on the show, the theatre and the seats, but generally start from 15.00 Euros and can cost as much as 60,00 Euros. Discos usually cost from 10.00 to 20.00 Euros and the first drink is usually included in the price .

Dinner in a "Pizzeria" 15.00 Euros for a pizza and a beer or a soft drink.

Considering accommodation, food, telephone, local travel and leisure costs, you should consider a monthly budget of 600.00/800.00 Euros.