Private market

It is not possible to book private accommodation (i.e. accommodation not arranged by Politecnico di Torino) before arrival. This is because Politecnico di Torino cannot enter into any form of tenancy agreement with a landlord/landlady on behalf of a student.
Basic information can be obtained from the Foreign Citizens Office.

We advise our students who are planning to spend a long time in Torino to look for a place for a short-term (for the first 2-3 weeks) at any lodging. After arrival while staying there, they can look for an accommodation in a private apartment for rent, which can be a cheaper and more convenient solution.

Notices about rental flats and rooms  can be found on the boards along the corridors in Politecnico building. While all possible assistance is given, the Foreign Citizens Services Unit cannot guarantee to find you suitable accommodation. The responsibility of finding somewhere to live ultimately lies with you.

It is unwise to rent any furnished accommodation without seeing it and without discussing the conditions of tenancy with the landlord. By law, a landlord must provide a tenant with written information confirming the date of the commencement of the tenancy, the amount of the rent and when it is payable, and, if it is a fixed-term contract, how long it lasts. You should read through any written agreement very carefully and be sure that you have understand all the terms. 

The majority of landlords letting to non-residents are now letting under an assured short-hold tenancy called "Contratto di locazione ad uso transitorio per soddisfare le esigenze abitative degli studenti universitari fuori sede".

The minimum renting period is six months, but often landlords require longer fixed-term periods, usually from ten to twelve months. If there is no 3/6 months opt-out clause in the agreement, tenants are financially liable for the rent for the full period. NB - When students move into a shared house they generally sign a "joint tenancy". Under a joint tenancy agreement, you are all "jointly and commonly liable" for the whole rent of the property and for any damage or other problems. This means that if someone moves out, they must continue to pay their share of the rent until their name is replaced on the tenancy. However, if they do not pay the rent, the remaining tenants will have to make up for the difference until a replacement is found.

Flats are usually completely furnished and built to provide a medium standard of accommodation for students. All forms of accommodation are self-catering and provide kitchens with cookers, fridge-freezers and storage facilities. Linen and bath-towels are not provided by the landlords but there are always mattresses, pillows and blankets.

 The typical rent agreement, in terms of expenditure, involves:

  •  A deposit, usually the equivalent of two/three months' rent (the deposit is refundable at the end of the Rental Agreement, subject to deductions for any damage or outstanding debts).
  •  One month's rent in advance.


 Rents vary according to the area, the conditions of the flat and so on, but you can expect to pay, on average, about 250.00/350.00 Euros per month per person for a single room and about 200.00/280.00 Euros per month per person for a twin room. Sometimes all the expenses (heating, electricity, water, gas and cleaning) are included in the rent, but in some cases the rent is lower, but then you have to add the cost of all the bills.
 We advise you not to contact private agencies as their service fee are usually high (2 months' rent non refundable).
 September is the best period to look for a private flat and there is a good chance of finding one in a couple of weeks.
 In January/February (second term), it can be a little harder, therefore allow plenty of time.
 Some advice: it is easier to find a single room to share with Italian students than a large empty flat with several single/double rooms for only six months! Perhaps, you will be not manage to stay in the same flat with your best friends, but take the chance to make some new Italian friends!

 EDISU Piemonte offers free legal advice on the drafting of leases and the solution of problems concerning contracts for non-resident students.