Research and education require a complex organizing structure.

 In order to organize and manage its didactic activities, the Politecnico has 5 Schools (3 of Engineering and 2 of Architecture) and the Scuola di Dottorato (PhD School).

 There are 18 Departments that manage one or more research fields, promote and coordinate research activities, organize research activities for external bodies.

 There are 26000 students enrolled at the Politecnico every year, with a 50% increase in the last 10 years. Despite the population's decrease the number of enrolled people confirms this positive trend. We have around 120 academic programs among Bachelor's Degrees ( Laurea di I livello), Master of Science Degrees ( Laurea Specialistica) and PhD, both in Engineering and in Architecture.

  •  28.000 students
  •  4.500 I year students every year
  •  2.300 Master of Science graduates
  •  2.000 Bachelor's graduates
  •  25% students coming from outside Piedmont
  •  26% women enrolled
  •  700 PhD students
  •  170.000 hours a year of lectures/trainings/labs

 Our staff is made up of 900 professors/researchers, 700 PhD students, 340 research assistants, around 1000 technicians and clerks. There is 1 professor every 30 students.
 At the Politecnico di Torino we invest on young people, as it is shown by the increase of PhD students and Research assistants. Also the age of our professors is lower compared to the rest of Italy.



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