Torino offers several discotheques and disco pub for dancing until dawn and spending a pleasant night with friends.

In the last few years the city's nightclub scene has also been updated: Murazzi del Po, Docks Dora and Quadrilatero Romano host trendy haunts where art and music, food and design come together to make the night even more scintillating. Thousands of people stroll in these areas from dusk to dawn: join them to experience a lively and absorbing Torino.

The Quadrilatero Romano is the oldest zone of the city where the whole history is present: Roman domination, the Middle Ages, the Risorgimento. the area, which in ancient times corresponded to the perimeter of Torino, is today one of the trendiest quarters of the city.

The Docks Dora began as industrial buildings in 1912. Located along the railway to Milan, they were used as warehouses. Today they host nightclubs and ateliers of new artistic and cultural trends.

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