About Piemonte and Torino

The Region

Piemonte is the second largest region in Italy in area, with a surface area of more than 25,000 sq. km.

Piemonte borders on the west with France, on the north with Switzerland, north west with the Aosta Valley, east with Lombardia, south east with Emilia Romagna and south with Liguria.


Torino, the chief town of Piemonte and main town in the province, is situated at the foot of the Alps.

It is part of the most densely populated and economically active regions of the continent: this chain links London with Torino, passing through the Benelux region, Germany and Switzerland. Torino is also part of the "Latin arc" which joins Madrid, Barcelona and the South of France before reaching the Po plain to continue towards the south and the east.

The slogan chosen to promote the city, "Torino always on the move", renders perfectly the idea of a reality moved by a profound process of modernisation.

Heir to a tradition which is typically industrial, as in the middle of the nineteenth century, nowadays Torino is a point of reference worldwide for ICT technology - also thanks to the impulse given by the Politecnico, with its establishment of research centres and its high-level training in the communications sector.

The first capital of a united Italy in 1861- is today a metropolis on a human scale, with approximately 1 million inhabitants. It is a city whose hills, parks, gardens and four rivers make it one of the greenest cities in Europe. It is crossed by the river Po - the longest river in Italy.

The city offers a rich calendar of events, exhibits and cultural initiatives throughout the year.

In particular, the year 2006 has seen the mountains framing the city as the host for an event of great international importance: the XX Olympic Winter Games.

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