Tuition fees

The amount of tuition fees is around 2600€ per academic year and it must be paid in two installments:

  • the first one at enrolment
  • the second one in March

For detailed information about fees we suggest to read very carefully the Fee Regulation

All international students are entitled to the same student assistance services (scholarships, student loans, housing assistance, canteen meal tickets and fee waivers) as Italian students, on the basis of the same requisites of financial means and/or merit.

Students can benefit from fee exemption or reduction according to their family financial situation. The requirements that EU and Extra-EU students must meet in order to gain such benefits are yearly set.

Foreign students living and working in Italy or with a family that works in Italy can submit the documents related to their financial situation with the same procedures and deadlines as the Italian students.

Foreign students resident abroad, before coming to Italy, will need to get official documents about:

  •  the family composition
  •  the family income (economic condition) of the whole family unit
  •  the family properties

These documents must be translated into Italian and certified by the Italian Embassy or Consulate. On arrival to Italy students will have to submit these certificates to the CAF office in order to obtain a document called "Attestazione ISEE".

With the ISEE students will be able to apply to the EDISU Piemonte for scholarships, canteen cards and rooms in Halls of Residences.

EDISU (Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario): there is such an agency in each Italian region; it has the task to set up and run the necessary student welfare services in conformity to the laws in force.