Recognition of a foreign degree

There are 2 types of recognition:

ACADEMIC: that is a procedure which enables the candidate to go on with academic studies (enrollment with credit recognition from the previous career) or register to the State Examination to get the qualification for professional practice.

In agreement with the law Legge 11 luglio 2002, n. 148 di Ratifica ed esecuzione della Convenzione di Lisbona dell'11 aprile 1997, this procedure has to be carried out by the University

PROFESSIONAL:  for the recognition of professional titles:

For more info on professional recognition:

Recognition of professional qualifications

Your Europe


Necessary documents to apply for the academic recognition of a foreign degree at the Politecnico di Torino:

  1. High school diploma  with official translation into Italian
  2. University degree with official translation into Italian
  3. Declaration of Value"(Dichiarazione di Valore), related to the Diploma and the Degree, released by the Italian Embassy of the country in which the degree was issued.
  4. a certificate which states ALL the exams passed at university abroad (translation is not necessary in case original certificates are in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish)
  5. Syllabus (course description) in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish carrying the University’s stamp on every page or with official translation in Italian.
  6. Passport and/or  residence permit (if already resident in Italy ).
  7. a 16€ duty stamp – you can buy it at the Tobacconist’s (Tabacchi shop)

The DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT substitutes the documents 1, 2, 3, 4. Candidates will need to present the original University Degree anyway.


To know the annual deadline please consult the academic calendar in the Student’s guide.