-How can I apply for admission (requirements, procedure, documents)?



-Is There a Minimum Age Limit to Apply?

Yes, 17 years old to apply for a Bachelor program


-Is There a Maximum Age Limit to Apply?

No there isn’t.


-Where is the link to the online registration form?



-I can send my TOEFL score directly through the institution code?

No you can’t, you have to upload the TOEFL score in the online application form.


-What happens after the submission of the online application?      



- Where can I find info on enrollment in a Bachelor degree program?

How to apply:  http://apply.polito.it/info_L_en.html (to be updated for a.y. 2018/19)

Admission requirements: http://international.polito.it/admission/prospective_students/admission_to_bachelor_of_science_programs 


-Where can I find info on enrollment in a Master degree program?           

How to apply: http://apply.polito.it/info_en.html

Admission requirements:



-It is necessary to pass an admission test for admission in a Master program?

No it isn’t. Only administrative and academic evaluation.


-Language requirements




First semester: end of September 2018 - January 2019

Fall exams session: end of January 2019 - March 2019

Second semester: March 2019 - June 2019

Summer exams session: end of June 2019 - July 2019


-Is it possible to apply for credit transfer?

When you enroll and according to the rules established by the Politecnico, you can apply for the recognition of the exams passed in your country at university. You can do that by filling in the specific section in your apply form . The academic commission will evaluate which credits/exams can be recognized.

It is possible to apply for credit transfer only at the enrollment  time.


-Programs and Contents of the education

The Academic Offer A. Y. 2018/19 will be published soon in the website. In the meantime, please refer to the current academic offer: https://didattica.polito.it/offerta/index_en.html

In any case in the application form you can find the updated academic offer for A.Y. 2018/19.


-How can I apply for Single Courses?



-How much is the total amount of tuition fees?

The total amount of tuition fees per each academic year is around € 2.600. Further details about it and fee exemption at http://international.polito.it/admission/prospective_students/tuition_fees



The list of financial opportunities is available at: http://international.polito.it/financial_aid/


The  INVEST YOUR TALENT call for scholarships for international students (A. Y. 2018-2019) is open. Applications must be submitted within February 28th 2018.

Scholarships will be awarded to citizens coming from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mexico, People’s Republic of China, Tunisia, Turkey and  Vietnam.

For detailed information about the call:



-Cost of Living in Turin         







-Politecnico di Torino International students associations: