Admission to Master of Science programs

Master of Science, length: 2 years full time, 120 ECTS credits.

The main goal of the Master of Science programs is to provide graduate students with advanced education and training for highly qualified professions in specific sectors.


To be eligible for admission in a Master of Science program, first you must hold a Bachelor degree awarded by an accredited foreign university.

In case you are enrolled in a 5 or 6 years degree programs, in order to be eligible for admission in any Master of Science program you must have attended minimum of 15 years of previous education of which at least 3 years at University level, having obtained at least 180 ECTS credits or equivalent.

Moreover, in order to access the Master of Science degrees you need to meet curricular, quality and LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS. You can check those entry requirements for a.y 2018/19 here.

You must apply online through the Politecnico di Torino online application form within the set deadlines.

If you are Eligible, please download your Confirmation of Eligibility letter directly from your Apply personal page, section MAIN.  If you are a Non-EU citizen residing abroad, you can submit this document to start your pre-enrollment application at the Italian embassy in your Country of origin (check the box below for further information).

The confirmation of eligibility do not replace the official pre-enrolment procedure which must be done only through the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence. 
Students who do not fill in the online application form on Apply@polito and do not submit their application through the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country within the ministerial deadline cannot enroll at the Politecnico di Torino.


Candidates holding a foreign degree must enroll for a.y 2018/19 within October 12th, 2018.

Required original documents for enrollment:

  1. Passport or ID card
  2. Fiscal code
  3. Only for non-EU students: residence permit (only if already living in Italy) or study visa type D
  4. Bachelor Degree with official translation into Italian;
  5. Transcript of Records: a certificate which states ALL the exams passed at university in your Country (translation is not necessary in case original certificates are in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish)
  6. Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore), related to the Bsc Degree, released by the Italian Embassy in the country that issued your degree or certificate issued by ENIC-NARIC centres
  7. Language certificate required for admission to the chosen course (please verify the accepted Language Certificates)

If you hold a Diploma Supplement,  you are not required to submit the declaration of value, and the Transcript of Records, but you will have to submit  the original of your Diploma.


In the absence of the  above-mentioned  documents (numbers 4, 5, 6) a student is considered provisionally enrolled at Politecnico. This provisional condition must be dropped by 01/03/2019 by presenting the said documents.

If a student has a student visa – type D, he/she is considered provisionally enrolled at Politecnico. This provisional condition must be dropped by presenting the residence permit within 28/06/2019.

If the student fails to provide the residence permit within the deadline, or if he/she is denied the residence permit by the Italian authorities (Questura), his/her enrolment at Politecnico will be cancelled with immediate effect on any career acts.


These students must also submit the pre-enrolment application to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their own country of residence from February 19th until July 24th, 2018. 
Please check immediately with the Italian Embassy/Consulate the documents and schedule for the pre-enrolment procedure. 

For more information: (reserved places in the Italian Universities)

Information on visa requirements, lists of countries whose citizens are/are not subject to the visa obligation