2019/20 Deadlines and Academic Year

Important deadlines

May 30th 

Deadline to apply to Politecnico di Torino for exchange students arriving during the fall semester of the a.y. 2019/20

The nomination@polito tool (for Partner universities) and the Application form (for students) will be available starting from April 19th

Welcome Orientation Meetings 2019/20 Fall Semester




Students alphabetically ordered with

the (first) surname starting with...

17th of September


9:00 am

Room 2P

...A to  F

(Example: ALVAREZ RAMIREZ Juan)*

9:00 am

Room 3P

...G to O

(Example: GOMEZ DA SILVA Ana )*

1:00 pm

Room 3P

...P to Z

(Example: PERON DIAZ Andres)*

* all the names are made-up just to be examples

Please check here the official Welcome Orientation Meetings programme: WOM Programme application/pdf (1.44 MB)

Due to limited capability of places of rooms, it is not possible to attend the Meeting on a different time. We kindly ask you to attend the Meeting assigned to you.

Academic Calendar 2019/20

First semester: September 30th 2019 - January 18th 2020

Winter exams session: January 20th 2020 - February 29th 2020

Second semester: March 2nd 2020 - June 13th 2020

Summer exams session: June 15th 2020 - July 25th 2020 and August 31st - September 19th 

Students who are going to attend courses and sit for the exams are required to stay at Politecnico until the end of the exam session, as the marks will be registered during the exam session only.

Public Holidays

National days

APRIL 25th

MAY 1st

JUNE 2nd

JUNE 24th




Christmas Holidays

December 21st 2019 - January 6th 2020

Easter Holidays

April 9th 2020 - April 15th 2020